AL&MA performs design work based on the technology of information modeling of buildings and structures (BIM). Using an integrated approach in the design helps to choose the most effective methods and decision tasks.

     Since 2007 AL&MA team went to the study of information design. Now this approach is well implemented and applied. Every day we invest our time and money to explore new opportunities in BIM design. With it, we can easily manage data on buildings and structures in all phases of design and construction. Project ideas are embodied in reality from BIM through coordinated and consistent model-oriented approach.

     AL&MA executes design work using tools fully functional solution that combines the possibilities of architectural, engineering systems and structural engineering designs.

     The main approach to project management is the centralization of the team by creating universal access to all elements of the project: the main (central) model, analitical model, results, comments, letters, changes, drawings, task and issues. Our technology creation, processing, storage and delivery of project information is always relevant, easily accessible and understandable as any employee and customer. Constructed to perform design approach allows working in any place where there is access to the Internet, improving collaboration and increasing the flexibility and productivity of work.

     Using BIM offers public access to project that helps reduce design time and reduces errors.

     AL&MA. Building Information Modeling (BIM).