European Restaurant


The site is located in the city of Kremenchug on the 2/ 1st of May st. as well. The object is located on the site for optimal orientation.

The park is adjacent to the land allotted for development being improved through the installation of small architectural forms, paving elements and additional landscaping. Sketch supposed arrangement of parking for guest and official to 10 vehicles

Design solutions

Designed building is a four-volume of the measurement axes 13.20x21.00m, with basement and roof boiler. The height of the premises - 3.6 m.

The building is designed in the classical style, arranged around the perimeter of the balcony encircling each floor.

The main entrance to the building is focused on the 1st of May st. The ramp is designed for people with disabilities from the pedestrian zone.

The structure consists of basement rooms - utility room kitchen, staff room.

The structure of the premises of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors include a dining room, serving, dressing room, bathroom and toilet.

The structure of the premises 4th floor includes administrative offices, a hotel room.

On the rooftop - roof boiler.


Oleksandr Petrenko
Maksym Yakovenko